Post interview come down

It’s amazing how tired you get after a few hours of pure terror.

I always get nervous before interviews, even if I don’t really care about the job. And this one was worse than most ‘cos there were three interviewers!! Most of the talking was done by just one of them though.

Anyways, I don’t reckon I’ve got the job, and to be honest I don’t really mind. I’ve decided I really like the job I’ve just started – I spend all day writing code. Bliss! And no budgets to worry about.

Shame I’ve got to use crappy Micro$oft and Lotus software…..I’m working on that 😉

One Comment

  1. Interviews used to scare me until someone told me what kind of car the interviewer drove and why they had him interview me. I relaxed. Here’s a guy, poor guy, who is burdened with the task of interviewing umpteen applicants, most which don’t have a clue, endure their inane remarks and govellings, try to decode their remarks, listen to their endless tales of woe, listen to their empty bragging, deal with their smells, take their resumes and have to be gracious while he says. “We’ll get back to you.”, or “We’ll study your resume and your references and call you.” or “I’m sure you have many qualifications. Its just these are not the ones we need at this time.” I was dressed nice, not overly so. I gave him my resume. He asked me a couple of screwy questions and I answered them with a bit of humor. Gave him my references. then I engaged him in a little conversation that had nothing to do with the job; I think it was about his favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles. (I know Baseball).
    Finally, he told me the position had been filled from within, but that his boss wanted to follow the labor hiring laws and had have him do the job. Poor Schmuck. He told me he had a brother who was in construction and needed a framer and said he would give me a good word. For the Summer I framed houses on Cape Cod. Good money. Healthy living. Lotta fun. Good boss who didn’t give me a lot of baloney. Just wanted me to put up houses. I paid three times what that other job would have. And, with the completion and OT bonuses I bought a new car and the family had a great Christmas with her parents in Pennsylvania. I am not rich. I’m just happy.