Well, I made it through my first day.

It was pretty easy to be honest. But then, first days in a new job usually are. Ask me in a few months – no doubt I’ll hate the sight of Dreamweaver by then…..

To be honest, I’m not that keen on it now.


  1. rach says:

    glad you’re enjoying it so far 🙂

  2. Omegod! Dreamweaver? Quit now. I say Dreamweaver will crash. Soon. Get out now. If you work for them you must be ace. Others want you. I say don’t waste your god given talent and give your hard earned rewards to them. They have no loyalty to you. You should have none for them. the moment the market goes ‘Blip’, you’ll be out with a pair of dark glasses on your nose, a dirty overcoat on your shoulders and a begging cup in you ice cold hands. I say that they think you are nothing more than a worker beetle and can be crushed under foot at any time. the history of Labor in America proves me out. I have not gone bananas and I have no ill toward anyone. I just want to save you suffering. Here’s what you do if you want to stay with them for now: Ask about the availability of discretionary funds for you to take a seminar over a weekend. They will balk. I guarantee. There is my proof. I say run like hell- the other way. All companies want to enslave their employees and to keep them ‘down on the farm’. The favors and raises they will give you are penny candy and the money will be eaten up by taxes whech you company will not help you with to avoid the tax man. They have powerful attorneys. entire firms. You have nada. They have lobbyists. You think your puney letter to your congressman counts? Hah!
    They own you, don’t they? And, if you family has to depend on what you make, they own them, too. Look. the elites don’t even recognize you as a human being. to them you are some sort of creature from the Levant. They have no connection with you and don’t want to. They’ve never experienced real life and have no use for it. they don’t have to obey the law and never have. And, like Leona Helmsly said: “We’re rich and people like us don’t pay taxes. That’s what the little people do.” If the super rich could have only machines and the engineers to fix and maintain them they, as attested in many statements, would have everyone not involved killed and used for fuel. (Guess how many of the super rich before and during WWII suported Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. It is a litany of the most powerful on Wall Street. History proves it.) If you work for a super company, conglomerate, multi-national or favored nation country, you are working against everything you believe or ever believed.
    Here’s what I would do: Go seek another job, maybe with a smaller company who needs you. Get a stock option and a good one. Go to you present emplyer and say “I quit.”
    Or, you can just never show up again. (Tell your new employer before this happens or they will not trust you ever). Go to work and then do what you can to work yourself out of this job. Make sure you keep the stock option. Don’t-ever-invest-in-a-hedge-fund. A PBS analyst is frothing at the mouth telling you to keep the government’s grubby hands off your money by going to hedge funds. DON’T. (See a good, honest Tax accountant and member of a stock exchange. Join up. Become friends with him and his family. Have lunch. Play golf. Have parties if you like them. Keep an eye on him. Money will turn a person into a monster quicker than anything I know. I there are problems, come to him and say: “Sol, I love you and I trusted you. We no longer have an agreement. I want my money, all of it, by the end of the NYSE day. Send it to my lawyers.” He will understand that you intend to charge him with embezzlement if he makes a wrong move. Be direct and very clear.

  3. HippyJim says:

    Umm…ok I just read this comment properly. I don’t work for “Dreamweaver” – it’s just the standard web coding software we have installed on our work PCs.

    I work for a bank with an ethical policy – it’s a co-operative, the workers all share the profits – so it’s not a big evil corporation run for the benefit of fatcat shareholders. They don’t lend money to people who do bad stuff – like selling arms or running businesses who directly cause climate change (like oil companies). They’ve turned down £700 million of loans because of ethical concerns.

    And…yes, I can get seminars & training 😉