A techie is not me!

No longer a Tech Help operative, I now walk the lonely road – in Limbo between jobs. Until Monday anyways.

To all the techies and smiley types that know me and read this blog – farewell. I’d like to say it’s been fun working with you, but then I’d also like to say that I’ve just won the lottery.

I’ll miss you all. For at least this weekend. And possibly the first time I get stuck with a tricky bit of my new job that I don’t like…..

One Comment

  1. Its like that in my ‘used to be’ profession. When I come in they usually look ascance at me, ditrustful in some way. I’m happy and retired. They aren’t. Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. I don’t feel strange. I don’t have any money, or not nearly what they pull in. Who cares. If it gets to that I’ll find a job at Loews, Home Depot, a security agency, Burger Puke or any of those places to suppliment. I am not proud. They have no loyalty to me and I have none to them. Its work. I’m happy to be doing it. (If you’ve known the jobs I’ve done before, you might understand. Being an iron worker is not an option at my age.) Is it strange? sure. I say “Good.” Hey, man. Tech gnomes work in the pits. Screw ’em Say goodbye and enjoy your life