Born to – stay within the speed limit

Shot by Jon, one of the guys from work, while on the back of my bike. He said he wanted a joyride, and one of the other chaps wanted guitar strings. A ride into town followed. When I got back, he showed me what he’d done in the only bit of the journey that wasn’t at 2 miles an hour (due to traffic, not the Hippy being slow). He’s promised a refined edited version, complete with cheesy music and “exciting” still shots. I probably won’t see it now I’ve said that though……


  1. jonnie says:

    It was the longest 15-minute trip into Stockport ever!!! OK it wasn’t helped with the town centre roadblock – due to the market along with everyone within a five-mile radius wanting to go shopping Friday afternoon.

    Holding on whilst filming at such a speed (still within the UK speed limit – I think!) isn’t easy. I will have a think about editing the video now!

    I think I was eight the last time I was on a motorbike (one of those ickle bikes that you ride round in a circle surrounded by hay bails at dodgy fairs) I must thank the hippy for an easy ride. – Top fun! πŸ˜†

  2. HippyJim says:

    Well, no bails of hay required. And yes, the Hippy keeps within the speed limit – even if he gets to it very quickly!

    Not only did you manage to hold on, you filmed all of that without me feeling a thing! You must have quite a sense of balance.

    Ok, enough mutual appreciation now. You know I never even got petrol money off the guy….freeloading so and so….. < wanders away muttering non-peaceful comments >