I’m a Hippy, on a steel horse I ride….

Ok, here’s a pic. Click it for a bigger version.

CB500 - the Hippy's steed

Not taken by me, but one of the guys at work took it while the bike was parked in the building entrance.

Can’t park it there any more of course. Some kid with a stupid Aprilia “superbike” replica decided to send the angry bee he keeps captive in his engine buzzing around the tin can right outside the entrance. Revving it up for his mates edification. People complained. As they would. Oh, and plastic bike boy let his toy drip oil all over the entranceway too.

So now my little baby has to sit out in the rain, at the back of the building. But the very nice man who manages our building is going to get a couple of bike parking spaces marked out – after a bit of charm from yours truly. I did the whole “take off the glasses, shake the hand” thing!

Now I’ve just got to work on pedalbike sheds…….

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