I have a new toy.

It’s not a very hippy one though (hippy hangs head in mock shame, concealing huge grin under hair).

After too many years waiting for the money, I have a bike again. Yay!

Not a hooooge one, but it’s 5 times bigger than my last bike, so I feel like it’s a step up. It’s a Honda CB500. Red. 7 years old, but looks like a baby (apart from the slight dent where the previous owner presumably dropped it at speed).

My last bike (over 10 years ago) was a piddly little Honda H100 (2 stroke). This is very big and scary in comparison. I didn’t realise how much of a chicken I was until I was doing 60 on the motorway and I hit a cross wind!

Anyway, now that I’m a petrolhead I’ll have to spend all my time reading biking magazines, and going to bike shows. Not to mention talking about compression ratios and bhp…..

Or not.

A picture of the new toy may follow if I can ever figure out where my camera is hidden.

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